Exterior wrapping of yachts

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Yacht wrapping delivers astonishing beauty, with visual effects impossible to match by paint.
Simultaneously, wrapping provides a thin protective layer, shielding your assets paint from the elements, UV and other small damage.

Combined with a price tag reaching as low as 20 to 30% of spraying costs, it is the most cost-effective exclusive design option on the market.

Exterior Yacht Wrapping

It is possible to transform the appearance and personality of a yacht in more ways and shorter timeframes than ever before. 

As an industry leader, 2wrap.com routinely undertakes Superyacht wrap projects on a scale most have never seen.  The speed we deliver a full hull color change, measured in days not weeks or months, is unprecedented.

It is one of many reasons yacht owners are taking particular interest in our wrapping services over traditional paint.  A yacht wrap lasts several years and has an incredible range of colors and finishes. Offering to satisfy every visual desire..

Wrapping also shields paint from the elements and UV. Retaining the value of your asset with extra layers of protection.

Because our highly skilled craftsman work quickly and efficiently, combined with our unique ‘in the water’ installation process, the cost can be as low as 1/10th the cost of paint at 50 m. And even lower in percentage terms as the yacht size increases. 

Furthermore, with larger yachts, polishing degrades the paint whilst wrapping preserves it. While at the same time, these wrapping casts are significantly lower.

By choosing 2 wrap, yacht owners are making a value based decision to protect their paint, which is a capital asset, while simultaneously expressing their style in every possible design imaginable.

The potential of wrapping has already been shown to perfectly serve different purposes:

  • ● Change color each season, generating media buzz.
  • ● Brand awareness for your business
  • ● To promote a generous sponsor.
  • ● Try out a new color before committing to a time-consuming, expensive paint job
  • ● As a medium term solution to postpone an expensive paint job for several years.
  • ● Wrap to shield your paint and protect your assets value

Whether its color changing, color matching, custom design, on the hard or in the water, working with 2wrap.com you can achieve it all.

Protection is key


Eyecatching designs

Custom Boat wraps

Whether you wish to add your own personality, brand for promotional purposes or promote a sponsor, there is perhaps no better way to give your yacht or boat a unique personality of its own than by adding a custom graphic wrap.

At LuxWrap we are able to manage this whole process in house, collaborating with some of the best vinyl graphic artists and designers, we taking ideas from their initial concept through to final installation.

If you are interested in creating custom artwork for a unique installation, please get in

We have our own
ready for you

wether it's a
classic duo-tone

standard colorchange

or a
head-turning design

we've got you covered

Yacht Surface Protection

In addition to wrapping using colored films, 2wrap.com also offers a range of extremely hard wearing clear Surface Protection Films (SPF).  Specifically designed to protect against general wear and tear and scratches.

Available in gloss and matte finishes, the best SPF offers both Hydrophobic and Self-Healing properties.

Hydrophobic meaning: the film repels water, making it extremely easy to clean.  

Self-Healing meaning: minor scuffs return to their original finish with a small amount of heat, be it hot water or sun.

Some of many applications for SPF include:

Externally – High wear deck areas, wooden cap rails, high gloss surfaces such as table-tops, surfaces exposed to UV, areas where ropes and fenders rub, tender scuff areas.  Applying SPF around exhaust fume areas prevents carbon buildup on the paint, and makes cleaning quick and easy.

Internally – All types of interior surfaces that are vulnerable to scuffs and scratches or which require ease of cleaning: stainless steel galleys, fridges and freezers, high gloss varnished surfaces, wooden furniture and worktops, table-tops, wooden and stainless rails.

As with vinyl films, SPF can quickly be removed and replaced when it has completed its life cycle.

2wrap.com offers SPF both as a standalone solution and part of our hull/superstructure wrapping service. Our experience includes large scale installations on some of the highest profile new build yachts in recent years, as well as on many other Superyachts.

When combining the best SPF with the best vinyl film, you have a yacht finishing system even more impressive, more easy to clean and extra resistant to abrasion and UV, whilst still being the most cost-effective exclusive design option.

Protection is key

Please check this video and see how astonishingly beautiful the glass appears while it is being protected.

The double effect of wrapping delivers an impressive shiny result. Enhancing all its surroundings with beauty and simultaneously offering strong protection to the surface below.

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