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Ford Bronco Matt Black wrap

used materials: kpmf---matte-black

Ford Bronco wrap in Matt Black

Install location

Westlake Village

Client location

Westlake Village

Spot location

Malibu – Los Angeles

Description: Brand : Ford
Finish : Frozen
Color : Black,

Matte Black

Ford Bronco in Matte Black Jacket

The Ford Bronco is an iconic American SUV that has been out of production since the mid-1990s, but it’s now making a comeback in 2022. To celebrate this iconic vehicle’s return, we wrapped one of the first new models in a sleek and stylish matte black finish. The matte black wrap not only adds a touch of modernity to this classic one but also protects the underlying paint from the elements. With its rugged design and off-road capabilities, the Bronco is the perfect vehicle for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Our matte black wrap not only enhances the Bronco’s aesthetics but also adds an extra layer of durability, making it a vehicle that’s ready for anything.

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