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Porsche GT4 RS designwrap Gulf

used materials: 3m---gloss-burnt-orange

Designwrap Gulf Theme for Hillewaere Group Belgium

Install location

Turnhout, Belgium

Client location

Turnhout, Belgium

Spot location


Designed by

Peter Van Tilborg



Description: Brand : Porsche
Finish : glossy
Color : Orange, Blue, White,

Gloss Burnt Orange

Gloss White

Custom Colors
custom printed

Introducing the Porsche GT4 Gulf Edition

Presenting the Porsche GT4 Gulf Edition, a testament to the artistry of automotive design, commissioned by the esteemed Hillewaere Group. This remarkable sports car transcends conventions, harmonizing the rich heritage of Gulf racing with the contemporary elegance inherent to Porsche engineering. Our team painstakingly crafted a bespoke Gulf-themed design wrap, an homage to the iconic Gulf livery, with its timeless powder blue and orange hues. Beneath this visually striking exterior resides the beating heart of a genuine sports car legend – the Porsche GT4, celebrated for its precision engineering and exhilarating performance.

Every facet of this automotive masterpiece has been meticulously attended to, ensuring the seamless integration of power and aesthetics. The Porsche GT4 Gulf Edition stands as a rolling work of art, an unequivocal attention magnet wherever it roams. Beyond being a car, it’s a symbol of passion, an embodiment of Hillewaere Group’s appreciation for both racing heritage and automotive excellence. It represents a unique opportunity to elevate the driving experience, to be part of an exclusive community that recognizes the marriage of art and performance.

Hillewaere Group, as patrons of innovation and style, have brought this extraordinary project to life. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the synergy of art, heritage, and precision engineering embodied in the Porsche GT4 Gulf Edition.

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