MB Rocker panel stripes


Mercedes-Benz rocker panel stripes add power, athleticism, and dynamism to your vehicle.

The stripes are placed on the rocker panels. The term rocker panel refers to an ancient time when horse coaches were driven, and their sides were seen as the front. This made them look like baby cradles rocking. That’s how the name Rocker panel came about.

The stripes deliver extra visual motion. Bringing more dynamism to the appearance of your car.

A do-it-yourself installation is possible. Difficulty level = MODERATE. You will need extra time and patience during the installation. Extra care is required for aligning the film and getting it to lay down correctly.

A professional installation is recommended. Depending on how experienced you are.

The decal is printed on the highest quality cast vinyl available, Its format is universal and can fit almost every car.

Please provide us with the type and year of your car, we will customize it into a perfect, stylish fit for you.




Thank you for your order.  This product sale is FINAL… It is custom-made for you and is therefore NOT refundable.

Photos are for reference only. Colors and patterns may vary from pictures, renders, and videos. The outcome may vary depending on the vehicle and placement of the vinyl. It is very hard to capture pictures of the vivid colors, different shades, and textures of the vinyl. We recommend ordering a sample. We cannot guarantee a color match if ordered in a different batch. Make sure you order enough for your project to avoid future color mismatch.  Different lighting conditions may affect the way the colors are represented and colors viewed indoors may not appear as they do outdoors

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


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