Hello Partner

Hello Partner

Our programs are based on the proven success of our international headquarters based in California, USA and Belgium, Europe

We are specialized in the fields of car wrapping, fleetmarketing, paint protection, car styling, window tinting, and digital printing.

A great advantage of our program is the low cost.

And unlike in other common types of business, the likelihood of failure is very low

Market entry is faster, smoother, and low-risk with the brand name 2wrap.com gained in the course of 25+ years. The power of our brand we gained through integrity, reliability, expertise, passion, and attention to detail.

Our program has all the benefits of a franchise without the sky-rocking royalty fees. The only obligation you have is executing a perfect job and serve our clients in the best way!

You will gain know-how in our unique services.
And experience a safer and faster market position !


Peter Van Tilborg
President – 2wrap.com

Together, we are stronger,

our voices louder, and the synergy of our actions more powerful !

- Pierce Brosnan -

join our team as ( 4 options )

You are a Freelancer
– Graphic designer
– Wrap-installer
– Photographer …

No fees involved...

Installers : Every time we have a job in your area, we will contact you. Per project, you will get paid.

Graphic designer : You will be hired for a single project, and you will be asked to make a price for it

After the job is done right, you will get paid instantly


  • Your company name
  • Your address
  • Your mobile number
  • Your portfolio & skills
You will get  APPROVAL asap as 2wrap.pro

You are a shop owner
with your own Identity / branding ?
you can make some
easy money !

No fees involved...

2wrap.com's online shop sales will be referred to your shop if customer needs an install for their purchase

Link to Example

After the job is done right, you will get paid instantly

The customers that we send to your shop, could be a returning customer !

= more profit !


  • Your company name
  • Your address
  • Your Mobile number
  • A video of your install skills

    --> You will get  APPROVAL asap as 2wrap.shop installer

You are a shop owner
with ambition to grow
Let’s get you some
more big business !

.shop plan

We basically work on commission which means :


more details on request

On top of all Shop sale referrals, you will receive all quote-requests from your area

We will get your location on Google as an official partner

FREE use of our one-of-a-kind custom-made software for the sign & wrapping industry.

  1. Online quoting & sign-offs
  2. Online follow up and planning
  3. Vehicle check-in's
  4. Design proofing system
  5. Invoicing
  6. ...

VALUE CRM : $125/m/user
VALUE PROOFING : $249/m/5 users

OUR WEBSITE IS YOURS... Use this website as reference for colors and projects.

You will get your personalized 2wrap.net email address

We will send you an official high quality signage to add to your storefront

Training on request (payable) at one of our 2wrap.com HQ

All online digital colors of major wrappingvinyl brands are available to use as a reference

Open your own

.net plan

With all our power, we will get you to the top

You will be exclusive installer for Shopsales + all quote-request in your exclusive  territory.

You will get ALL orders within your exclusive territory of 50 miles ratio

TOP graphic designers are available at your service

Your shop will receive an AAV3D rendering software license, which is the most advanced 3d configurator on the market.

Showcase the car of your customer in whatever wrap vinyl/color in 3D.

made for professionals by professionals

Check out by clicking here

VALUE : $249.-

Your location will rank on first page with SEO, and we put your business on the map, to be found everywhere

On request we create campaigns for your shop

You will get your personalized 2wrap.com email Adress

Topnotch branding and brandingsupport


You will receive all data

Training inclusive at one of our 2wrap.com HQs

  • Worldwide recognized branding
  • One of a kind website
  • All our know-how
  • Industry customized CRM software
  • Graphic design support
  • Social media
  • Continuous training
  • Monthly campaigns

  • Respect for the brand and its philosophy

  • Professional approach
  • Attractive, clean location
  • Representative look of the shop
  • Teamwork
  • Sharing high quality pictures of the projects