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Can I wrap my boat ?

News, tips September 28, 2021By peter Van Tilborg

Yes, you can wrap your boat. In fact, your boat can be wrapped in every design you wish.

The wrapping of a boat

To paint a boat, you have to haul it out of the water, and it may sit in a shipyard for weeks. Full vinyl wraps can be installed within a few days. And during installation, your boat can stay in the water all of the time.


Vinyl wraps usually cost about a third of what marine painting does

The cost of a wrap includes several factors:

  • The size of your boat, which affects the amount of vinyl and labor needed
  • The material of vinyl used
  • The complexity of your design

2wrap offers a free quote.


To keep painted hulls looking perfect is almost a full-time job. They require polishing, buffing, and skilled maintenance.

With vinyl wraps, your paint will stay in perfect condition.
When UV starts to harm the vinyl, just like it would do with paint, just unwrap it! The paint will still be in perfect condition, which will save you a lot of money and time.


Vinyl wrapping is more fade-resistant than paint. Premium vinyl materials can last many years without fading.


Lift and Peel
Boat wraps that have been professionally installed do not lift or peel


To replace a name, logo, or design, overlays are easy to apply to your existing wrap.

If a graphic wrap gets damaged, it can be repaired. Or you can replace a panel to make sure it is perfect..


A professional can remove a wrap quickly without damage to the surface. Some boat owners use vinyl wraps to protect their boats’ original paint and preserve resell value.


Your boat’s current gelcoat needs to be prepped properly before a new wrap is applied. So the wrap holds well and has a high-quality finish.


2wrap is an expert in boat wrapping.
We have wrapped superyachts, small sailboats, and everything in between. Please get in touch, we offer a free quote.



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