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What is the price of a car wrap in Los Angeles?

News, tips September 28, 2021By peter Van Tilborg

Los Angeles has an amazing car culture and because of so many cars driving around, there is a wrap for every price range available.


The price is complex

The price of a car wrap is complex.  There are many factors that determine how much it will cost.

The most important factors include the size of your vehicle, the original color of the car and the car year, the paint quality, the vinyl choice, a print or plain color wrap, the expertise of the installers  and any finish you would like to be applied on top of the vinyl.

Research has shown the average price of a car wrap in Los Angeles is $16.40 per square foot, but for a beautiful car wrap, it is not about price but quality, and the quality of the installation.

A car wrap is a luxury product for a temporary, exclusive look.

Which at the same time protects your pain:


The prices at 2wrap 

As explained before, each car is a unique project.

Our team listens to your wishes and advices you on the best possible options.

Our service is focused on high-quality cars and businesses. We are a wrap and advertising company. Bringing 25 years of experience with locations worldwide.

We want to serve you with a team of highly skilled, top designers and craftsmen. We work independently. This means we only work with the best materials, but do not blindly rely on what any premium brand tells us. We conduct many independent tests in our laboratories. And we use all of our experience and expertise to determine the exact best vinyl for each installation.

Our prices range between $1500,- to $15.000

We are also known for our strategic precision wrapping. We often prefer to sell you a smaller wrap, with specific details. For the biggest impact.

This often means less profit for us than installing a full wrap. But we want to make the exact right choice for you. And after all, that is what a high quality service is about: the most satisfying and profitable solution for a client.


We offer a free quote. Get in touch.



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