Canvas Printing & frames

Canvas Printing In Los Angeles, Belgium & Netherlands

Your favorite photo printed on canvas magnifies its beauty.
Your image is printable in every size you wish;.

We perfectly taut your canvas. No creasing or billowing, but just a perfectly flat, firm canvas fabric.

And In line with the golden standard of the industry, we hand-stretch.
With a hand-stretched canvas there are no hairline cracks in the image. You benefit from the careful judgement and accurate work of our experienced professionals.

Furthermore, for perfect result, the foundation of the frame is most important. We use the highest quality materials only.

And last but not least, our stapling is excellent. Secure and evenly distributed staples are important for the longevity of your canvas print.

Send us your picture, give us an idea how big you want it, and at 2wrap we do the rest.

Your favorite photo print on canvas

what we offer :

3 different types of finish


Indoor or outdoor material stretched over a frame

acrylic glass print

Create your photo print with clear contours and powerful colors. The photo under acrylic glass enhances these characteristics and adds a clear sense of depth to your picture. This results in an engaging work of art.

acrylic glass with alu frame

An acrylic glass print framed into a modern black or white aluminum frame


You may choose the edges of the canvas.  Each option creates a special effect.

Folded edge

A classic wrap with the margins of your photo image printed on the sides of the frame. When this canvas print is viewed from the front, details at the very edge of your photo will not be in view.

Solid color edges

A bold strip of black or white is printed along the edges of the canvas. Monochrome photos can be wonderfully enhanced by this style.

Stretched edge

Also known as a “pixel stretch” design, because the outermost pixels of your photo are stretched lengthwise along the sides of the frame. Creating a blurry look. Meanwhile, your photo is fully visible on the front of the framed canvas.

Mirrored edge

Your image is visible in full on the front of the canvas. While the outer borders of your photo are copied, inverted and printed on the edges of the frame. With certain types of photos, this unconventional effect can work wonders.

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