How to Grow a Small Business: Should I Invest in Car Wraps?

How to Grow a Small Business: Should I Invest in Car Wraps?

Whether you want to quit your office job or launch a unique offering, becoming a small business owner offers many rewarding benefits. It lets you pursue your passions, make independent choices, and create a unique brand and company culture. This endeavor also allows you to impact your community positively and build meaningful customer and employee relationships. 

However, becoming a successful small business owner goes beyond exciting products or services. You must also find effective but affordable ways to market your brand, like investing in car wraps. However, finding the best services may make you wonder if it’s worth it. 

If you want to gain more customers without breaking the bank, this article will answer if big companies can use car wraps and explain why they’re perfect for your establishment. 

Can Large Companies Use Car Wraps?

Many people believe that car wraps are only suitable for large companies with a fleet of vehicles. However, that’s not the case because even if you don’t own a car, you can rent one and still use it for mobile advertising. Some companies provide wrap marketing, which combines a performance-based advertising platform with the gig economy. This step enables drivers to register and decide how much they want to wrap their vehicle or what brand they want to advertise. 

Business owners can also register with these providers and enjoy the advantages of mobile advertising, like greater brand exposure. Moreover, car wrapping can benefit small businesses in busy areas by attracting potential customers.

5 Reasons Car Wraps Make Sense for Your Establishment

After answering one of the most commonly asked questions, this section will explain why your small business should invest in quality car wraps. 

1. Ensure Mobility

Mobility is crucial when promoting a small business because it allows you to reach customers, increase sales, and stay competitive. Besides using the latest mobile technological trends, you can enjoy these benefits by investing in car wraps. This convenient and affordable marketing strategy lets you advertise in places that traditional methods cannot reach, targeting potential customers who may not otherwise see your advertisement.

2. It’s Cost-Effective 

Being a responsible and successful business owner means looking for cost-effective but quality ways to promote your company. This step is especially true because most establishments have limited financial and human resources. And you can do this by using car wraps. 

Vehicle wrapping uses a vinyl sheet to protect your car’s paint from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and unsightly scratches. You can also remove it safely without damaging the original coating. Moreover, this marketing option can increase your vehicle’s resale value. 

3. Lend Trust and Credibility 

Regardless of your small business’s offering, you must make an excellent first impression. Fortunately, car wraps are a cost-effective way for small businesses to promote their product and establish credibility among potential buyers. Studies have shown that these marketing materials are more impactful than other advertising methods, with most respondents remembering them well. 

4. It’s Not Pushy on Advertising

Print and radio advertisements can negatively affect one’s reading experience. On the other hand, vehicle wraps can attract attention without causing disruptions. It means that people can view the advertisement on a vehicle without getting distracted from their current activities.

5. Get a Low Cost per Thousand Impressions

Impressions are how many times people view an advertisement. Small businesses record fleet wrap impressions whenever someone sees a vehicle’s brand name or logo. Also, using vehicle wraps for advertising costs less per thousand impressions, letting you reach more people at a lower price.


Marketing your small business’s products or services can be costly, but getting more customers and increasing sales is necessary. Investing in high-quality car wraps can help your establishment succeed without breaking the bank. 

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