Headlight & Taillight Tint

Smoked Lights

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Smoked lights ignite flames in the hearts of car lovers. Their intriguing effect is realized by placing high-quality film overlay.
Tinting your lights brings style. Smoked lights burn a delightful impression in the mind of any car lover.

Ignite your ride with pride.

Car manufacturers make thousands of identical cars each and every year. It is the pride and duty of each car owner to make their vehicle personally unique.
Tinted lights turn the vehicle into a different beast. They give your car sporty aggressiveness and a stroke of seriousness.
Tinted lights bring style. They burn a delightful impression in the mind of any car lover.


For each of our custom light tinting, at 2wrap we use only the most delicate film overlays.

Out your tail lights with our 17Mil film. It is extremely thick, which also offers an extra protection from breakage.

Our transparent overlays are gentle on the surface of your lights. On the outside they are scratch resistant and car wash safe.


You may decide the type of effect. A subtle touch or a light that instantly stands out.

The smoked effect can be applied on the entire surface of the car’s light, or partially. It can be applied to all lights. Heads or tail. Or both: for a guaranteed win.

Choose between light, medium and dark overlays for your desired expression.

We style your tail lights in one of our many tints.
For example, our medium shade of Gunsmoken or the black-out film Charcoal.

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Smoked Light Films Are Perfect For:

● Headlights
● Fog lights
● Side marker lights
● 3rd brake lights
● Tail lights
● And more…

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Taillight films

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