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We specialize in color change wraps for your vehicle at our car wrap facilities in Westlake Village, California, Turnhout, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in producing premium wraps that will completely transform the appearance of your car in a matter of days.

To make sure that your color change wrap lasts for years to come, we only utilize the best materials and the most up-to-date processes. Our wraps are the ideal solution for anyone wishing to change the color of their vehicle whether its in Glossy, Satin, matte or even a special effect finish.  Even minor scratches will disappear with the sun on all our wrap vinyl.

To help you find the ideal match for your taste and style, we provide a wide variety of color options which you can find on the following page : Colors.

You will quickly be back on the road thanks to our quick and easy installation method.You can find a design wrap on a different page, but if you’re looking for a color change wrap, you’ve come to the right place!

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Most asked questions about carwrapping

A carwrap covers your vehicle with a thin, strong layer of vinyl. This self-adhesive material transforms your car into one of its kind. A unique style. A masterpiece.
Wrapping offers endless possibilities in colors, materials and designs. At 2wrap our highly skilled team will assist you in realizing your vision. Every step of the way.

Wrapping also brings a wide range of enjoyable benefits. Such as the protection of your original car paint. Resulting in high car resell value. Or its easy reversibility. Enabling you to quickly show a new design to a broad audience.

Design your car. Wrap it in style. A temporary change for a timeless impression.

Get your carwrap done right away and ask us a quote

Wrapping versus painting is as haute couture versus a tattoo. One is permanent. One temporary. Both are beautiful. But…

Car wrapping is not an alternative for painting, it’s a lot more….. It is the ideal solution to stand out from the crowd ! You can change the color of your car WITHOUT permanent Paint or just some little details that makes huge changes. We can also provide your vehicle with some graphics or stripings, but a car wrap can save you also money and preserve the value of your vehicle.
The color variations are incredibly varied and we can make great accents with special effects with vinyl like pearl, metallic, imitation of leather, brushed Aluminium, 3D Carbon, Chrome, Chameleon, Metallic and if you only want to protect your car we can install paint protectionfilm.

The advantage of a wrapping over a painting, is not necessarily on price. The main task of wrapping is to allow a temporary color change

Painting a car takes a lot of time. As the old paint must first be removed. Then several layers of paint must be applied. Each layer with drying times.

A carwrap installed by skilled professionals may take just two to four days. Ideal for those who are busy.

As both services require technical skills, a paint job involves a lot more time and labor. For this reason, a car wrap costs  less.

For a business, an advertising wrap is also the most cost-effective marketing strategy. Your message is seen by millions of people each year. Meaning much more impressions per dollar than any social media.

Advantages and some history of wrapping…

The main task of wrapping is to allow a temporary color change.

The original idea for the first wraps was to bring full-scale advertising of digital printings on vehicles and remove them again.
Later, taxi’s and other company vehicles, which should be uniform in color, were completely wrapped with foil to avoid the cost of special paint finishes. Now more and more users in the private sector getting 
interested in full wraps.

As an individual color or effective design has its charms.

In addition to the wide range of colors and the extensive possibilities of variation, the film is also like a second skin for the vehicle, which protects the original paint from everyday traces and slight scratches and stone damages. Which means that the value of the vehicle is maintained. Especially for exclusive vehicle models an interesting aspect, as repaint (even if it is an extravagant color) represents there a significant loss of value.

The best case is to lease/buy a new car in black and have it wrapped in your
 desired color. This saves an extra cost for special color orders,
 protects the original paint and you can remove the vinyl economical at the return or resale and the original paint shines like on the first day.

a Carwrap protects your car’s paintwork
a Carwrap is an easy, safe and quick way to change your car’s look
a Carwrap is easy to remove (You’re not stuck to a colour.)
a Carwrap is less expensive than a (good) paint-job
a Carwrap is carwash proof

Care for your wrap like you would any fine paint finish. Using high-quality products designed specifically for car care and these cleaning and maintenance procedures will help keep your vehicle looking their best.
The care and cleaning of the film is comparable with a paint finish – wash-street-resistant and with the correct products it can be polished, waxed or sealed. If you want to know more about car wrapping or would like a no obligation quote for your car wrap then feel free to contact us or check our shop to check the best products on the market.

Vehicle vinyl wrap and color change wraps grew in popularity out of the wrap advertising business. A large milestone in the shift from small production vinyl lettering to a full vehicle vinyl color change took place in Germany in 1993 when the vinyl manufacturer Kay Premium Marking Films (KPMF) was asked to produce a film to be used in place of paint for the purpose of converting cars into taxis. At this time, German taxi companies were required by law to paint their fleets in a government mandated color, beige. KMPF provided an alternative to painting, which allowed taxi companies to bring a large fleet of vehicles into compliance with German law while maintaining the future resale value of the vehicle.

in 1995, Peter Van Tilborg, Owner and Founder untill the end of 2010 of ‘A3 Reclame’ in Turnhout Belgium jumped on the train of Vehicle wrapping & digital printing.  The business evolved into since 2010 as we know it nowadays.

Prior to this point, decommissioned taxis were heavily discounted or had to be completely repainted. With the use of vinyl vehicle wraps there was no need to repaint them or discount them as the vinyl could be removed without damaging the paint underneath. KPMF documented after 3 years of taxi service was complete, the vinyl was removed leaving a pristine and unscratched paint surface

Fast application process

Special design possibilities

Low installation costs vs painting

Quickly changeable

Easy care taking

Car equity value protection

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All our car wraps come with full warranty, depending on chosen materials, in-house warranties will vary from 1 to 3 year's



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With over more than 20 years experience, you can be sure your vehicle is in good hands.



We are a one-stop-shop with the latest and best equipment on the market.
Cutting machines, 62" printers, laminators and more at each location. To provide you the best wrap possible. Every tool necessary to realize your masterpiece.



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