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Dodge ram truck wrap

used materials: 3m---gloss-hotrod-red

designing & wrapping trucks for Nenn Equine Veterinarians

Install location

Westlake Village

Client location


Spot location

Los Angeles County, Ventura County and beyond

Designed by

Peter Van Tilborg


Clients pictures

Description: project Type : Fleet
Color : Red,

Gloss Hotrod Red

Nenn Equine Veterinarians Goes Mobile with’s Custom Truck Wrap

When it comes to the health and well-being of their beloved large animals, Malibu horse owners expect nothing less than the best. And Nenn Equine Veterinarians has been providing excellent care since the release of their mobile service. Nenn Equine Veterinarians can now provide a wide range of services on-site, including wellness exams, medical care, vaccinations, and emergency medical treatments, thanks to their fully equipped mobile unit.

Nenn Equine Veterinarians turned to to design a custom truck wrap that reflects their dedication to exceptional care in order to make their mobile service stand out. As a result, the truck has a sleek and eye-catching design that not only looks impressive but also helps it stand out in the Malibu area.

Nenn Equine Veterinarians is quickly becoming the go-to choice for large animal care in Malibu, Los Angeles County, Ventura County and behind, thanks to their cutting-edge mobile unit and personalized approach to animal care. Their highly skilled team has extensive experience in diagnostics, internal medicine, surgery, and reproductive services. They take the time to get to know each animal and its owner, forming long-lasting bonds. Nenn Equine Veterinarians is the area’s top choice for Large animal owners due to their compassionate care and advanced training.’s custom truck wrap perfectly complements Nenn Equine Veterinarians’ commitment to excellence and innovation. It reflects the practice’s logo and contact information, making it simple for horse animal owners in Malibu and beyond to locate the mobile unit and benefit from Nenn Equine Veterinarians’ exceptional care.

Finally, by going mobile, Nenn Equine Veterinarians is making a significant impact on the health and well-being of large animals in Malibu. They are delivering exceptional care right to the animals’ doors thanks to their advanced technology, personalized approach to care, and their eye-catching truck wrap by Horse owners in Malibu can trust Nenn Equine Veterinarians to look after their animals.

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