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2wrap is the number one fleet advertising wrap agency in Los Angeles and in Belgium.

We excel in creating exclusive eye-catching wraps. Impressive, seductive and persuasive designs that gain huge awareness for brands.

We want to serve you with our profound expertise. Building on more than a decade of experience and global expansion. Rooted in a passion for creating excellent, unique bespoke designs.’s owner Peter van Tilborg is also the founder of A3Reclame, an advertising agency. Started in 1999 Peter grew this advertising agency from zero to one of the most well known in all of Belgium, Europe.

In 2009 after successfully growing the agency for a decade he sold the company and started 2wrap At the time, 2wrap was the first and only company in Belgium to solely focus on wrapping.

Peter and his partners realized the immense power of wrapping as a medium for advertising and worked diligently as pioneers. Ever since, 2wrap has expanded its stylish service all over the globe, choosing Los Angeles as its global headquarters.

Today, with the rapid growth of social media, the value of advertising in wrapping has grown exponentially. Because once you realize that a car wrap is a moving billboard and that a daily driven vehicle is seen by thousands of people every day, you know its enormous impact.

And contrary to social media, there is no returning fee for advertisement wrapping. It is the most cost-effective form of advertising. We want you to provide you with our exquisite service and offer you a free quote: Click here.

Web Design and Development

introducing our new service web design and development 2wrap has been providing exceptional creative services as a one-stop creative design studio for over a decade. We have now broadened our services and ventured into delivering high-quality web design and development services to our esteemed clients in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the US! 2wrap is an …

Fleet Marketing

We provide our customers to maximize marketing money to grow their business through unique and effective vehicle wraps. Whether your service vehicle fleet consists of small passenger cars or large cargo vans, can help you leverage your corporate brand by identifying your vehicles with distinctive designs

Large & Wide Format Printing

We bring you more than 20 years of experience In this specialized field, our team of highly skilled experts is able to understand all your requests. Tell them about your job. In 1999, 2wrap founder Peter von Tilborg started the advertising agency ´A3´ in Belgium. Which quickly became one of the most successful and well …

Window Decal & Graphics

WE DESIGN WE PRINT WE INSTALL portfolio Let’s get started THE DESIGN PROCESS You will receive professional design services from our skilled team.  We want your graphics to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.  If you wish, we incorporate your existing logo and other graphics into a beautiful design.   We will work with …

Graphic Designing

Logo design Logotype, i.e. the logo, is the foundation of your brand’s identity and the pillar of your visual business. It is considered the most important link of the brand. Logo design should be the starting point when it comes to the design of the visual identity that all other graphic elements should look at …

Boxletters, Totems, signs & more

 Signs are the foundation of all communication. A sign designates something other than itself, and the link between a sign and an idea is called meaning wether it’s a pavement sign ……or a totem pole a small discount sign ……or a big billboard Let’s get started we will elevate you to … THE NEXT LEVEL …

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