Interior wrapping of yachts

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Interior Yacht Wrapping

Do you wish to breathe new life into the interior of your beloved yacht?
Or simply add your unique personality to a home on the water? offers an outstanding solution.
By wrapping with premium quality vinyl and film, we combine exclusive design options with several protective features on every surface you desire.


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the greater the glory !

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Interior Yacht Wrapping has the ability to restore and refurbish yacht interiors, without the conventional mess.

We use 3M’s revolutionary architectural film. This allows us to achieve outstanding and long-lasting high quality finishes in a short space of time.

Meaning minimum downtime from start to finish as we ensure your yacht interior meets all your personalization requirements.’s interior finishes are available in a large range of textures and effects. They retain the interiors value, resisting water, impact and mold.’s highly-skilled fitters can apply architectural finishes on almost any surface. 

  • ● doors
  • ● fixtures
  • ● showers 
  • ● Staircases
  • ● wall panels
  • ● flat surfaces
  • ● furniture tables
  • ● overhead panels 
  • ● complex compound surfaces

Without dust, mess and removal of items.

Premium quality consistent one layer product

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Interior furniture Wrapping

Every piece can gain a new design. A fresh new color, a new texture or an exclusively designed print.

Wrapping offers endless possibilities to style every part of your interior. Wrap your doors, staircases, tables, or whatever you wish.

Wrapping is the most cost-effective exclusive design option available on the market.

Advantages of wrapping furniture::

  • ● Style
  • ● Easy to maintain
  • ● Class 0 & 1 retardant
  • ● Saves long painting time
  • ● Lowers high painting cost
  • ● Protective layer retains value
  • ● High quality consistent one layer product
  • ● Creative freedom due to its reversible nature
  • ● Installation without dust, mess or removal of items
  • ● Durable – resisting water, dirt, impact, wear, abrasion & mold

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