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In the Nautical Industry, we are the BEST PARTNER to ASSIST you with the Restyling / Refitting and PROTECTING of both the INTERIORS & EXTERIOR of BOATS ~ YACHTS ~ MegaYachts
Our EYE FOR DETAIL & PRECISE WORK is already being appreciated by many passionate & proud owners.
We offer a large variety of services & products

Exterior wrapping of yachts

Exterior Yacht Wrapping It is possible to transform the appearance and personality of a yacht in more ways and shorter timeframes than ever before.  As an industry leader, routinely undertakes Superyacht wrap projects on a scale most have never seen.  The speed we deliver a full hull color change, measured in days not weeks …

Interior wrapping of yachts

the greater the challenge, the greater the glory ! nothing will keep us, unless it’s not doable Interior Yacht Wrapping has the ability to restore and refurbish yacht interiors, without the conventional mess. We use 3M’s revolutionary architectural film. This allows us to achieve outstanding and long-lasting high quality finishes in a short space …

Reference Letter Aquila Yacht

Reference letter This letter serves to confirm the high quality of workmanship that Peter Van Tilborg and his “2Wrap” team carried out on the 85m Director Motor Yacht ‘Aquila’ in 2018. I first met Peter in Los Angeles Marina del Rey when we were searching for a solution to protect our delicate interior furnishings which …

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