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Welcome to’s automotive services page, where we work hard to meet all of your needs for customized vehicles. We can take care of all your automobile wrapping needs, including full car wraps, bespoke designs, paint protection films, accent wraps, racing stripes, and window tinting.

If you want to give your car a fresh look without getting a paint job, our car wraps are the ideal choice. Make your vehicle stand out on the road by selecting from a variety of colors and patterns.

Paint protection films, commonly referred to as clear-bra, give your car’s paint an extra layer of defense so it stays in mint condition.

You may express your creativity and give your vehicle a really one-of-a-kind look with our custom design wraps. You can make your vision a reality with the help of our talented design team.

For those who want to remove the flashy chrome highlights on their vehicle for a more slick and subtle look, our Chrome Delete service is the ideal solution. Our team of experts will precisely remove the chrome accents and replace them with accents that blend in with the color of your car’s paint, giving it a seamless and understated makeover. The best option for improving the appearance of your automobile, truck, or SUV is our Chrome Delete service.

Accent wraps are a fantastic way to give your car’s door handles, mirrors, and other features a splash of color.

Race stripes give your car a sporty look and may be customized with different colors and patterns to fit your personal taste.

Our window tinting service increases comfort for you and your passengers while also providing privacy and UV protection.

To improve the appearance and give your car a more aggressive appeal, we also provide headlamp and taillight tinting.

Wheel powder coating is a strong, long-lasting method of personalizing and enhancing your wheels.

Windshield protection films guard your windshield against chips and cracks, maintaining the structural integrity of your car.

Ceramic coatings offer an additional layer of defense for your car’s paint, preserving its luster for years to come.

We want your car to look great and run efficiently, which is why we offer all these services.

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Car Wrap

A Carwrap (also called vehicle wrap ) is a technique of covering a vehicle or surface with a thin but strong layer of self-adhesive vinyl that is deformable and changes the color of that vehicle or surface. Good to know ; the process is reversible ! ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – Glossy, Matte, Graphics, Chrome, Pearlescent. Vinyl car wraps are the smart way to customize and/or protect your vehicle. The Possibilities are Endless ! Much shorter installation time and less money compared to a (good) paint job.

Paint Protection | Clear Bra | PPF

Paint protection film is an ultra-thin, strong, transparent material. It is applied to the surfaces of your car to protect the paint. Paint Protection Film keeps your vehicle in showroom condition. It offers protection from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. It will ensure your car to be lustrous and beautiful for years to come. Based on intensive independent testing and our 20+ years of experience, we choose to work with the high quality brand: Premium shield. We do install any other brand on request.

Custom Car Wrap

WE DESIGN WE PRINT WE INSTALL Make Your Own Car Wrap Design Our highly skilled team designs, perfects and crafts your custom car wrap vision. At 2wrap, we assist in creating an individual expression. A statement of originality. We support you every step of the way. At 2 wrap we go beyond previous conceptions of …

Mirrors, Roofs, Spoilers and more

A great alternative to full car wraps Our Accent Car Wraps service provides you with: -  A variety of wrapping style, such as roof wraps, hood wraps, chrome trim wraps, and much more -  A wide range of vinyls and vinyl combinations for you to choose from, solid color vinyl custom printed vinyls or exotic vinyls such as matte, carbon fibre, chrome, brushed steel, gloss, velvet, metallic, and more -  We only work with the best vinyls available on the market, such as 3M , Avery Dennison , KPMF -  Seamless wrap finishes on almost any car, including exotics

Custom Racer Stripes

Deliver a marvelous visual impact by adding a strong aggressive statement to your vehicle. We offer ultra precision-cut striping from top-notch quality vinyl. Installation in impressive alignment with the design of your machine. As our client, you choose from bespoke or pre-designed options.

Window tinting

Window tinting offers elegant privacy. A beautifully sleek appearance while guarding your world against the outside. Sophisticated tints available in different grades protect you and your passengers from unwanted views. And as you leave the car your belongings are concealed from those with bad intentions.

Headlight & Taillight Tint

Your car gets that unique custom looks with our high-quality film overlay for headlights and tail lights. We carry several different shades you can choose from to get the perfect look for your vehicle.


Wheels add visual appeal and draw attention to your car. They underline a truly unique machine. Like a pair of exclusive sneakers, your wheels can showcase high quality and rouse emotions. Car experts have long debated painting, powder-coating or wrapping wheels. This button will redirect you to all detail and benefits of each option.

Windshield Protection

Cracks and chips in windshields can be expensive and hazardous. To prevent this we offer installation of high quality windshield protection film. Invisible to see. Clear as glass. Strong as a rock. Our Independent testing and years of experience show windshield protection from ClearPlex® is supreme. It is our preferred choice.

wrapping colors

Beautiful, distinctive, and exquisite. Choose from our palette of 230 vinyl colors. We apply nothing but high-quality vinyl of well-known brands with an excellent reputation. We are the only company demonstrating all colors online without politics involved. will exclusively use materials we have independently tested and approved.

Ceramic Coating

The coating brings an extra layer of protection. Extending the lifetime of your wrap significantly. Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is a clear, multi-layer-able, nano-ceramic liquid coating that, when cured, will transform itself on the surface to a slick, flexible glass shield. The coating forms a chemical bond with the film that allows all of …

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