Wall Wraps

Wall Wrapping Services In Los Angeles, Belgium & Netherlands

Wall wraps are digital printed graphics. They can feature any message, style or information you desire.
Exterior as well as interior walls can be wrapped. They can be installed on almost any surface.

The wraps will be customized to fit your preferences regarding size, design, colors and message. Whatever you wish: crazy colors, funny figures, or stunning mega photos.

Wall wraps can transform a normal wall space into a one-of-a-kind platform.
They will attract, impress, entertain, persuade and inspire.

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Residential wall wraps

Indoor walls are canvases that present ideal opportunities to turn into works of art. With printable films, colored films or decor over laminates, the creative possibilities are endless.

Maybe you like to glam up a living room. Or have your kid add some personal style to the playroom, Custom wall murals improve the look and feel of a personal space with gorgeous designs at a price you will love.  Our design team can create the graphics you desire.

And with our custom vinyl wall mural graphics, you will see the design before it prints. So there is a lot of room to change your mind.

After that, our installation happens quickly. And before you know it,  it’s a wrap…The whole wrapping process costs less than painting. Which is especially true for a painting of custom artwork.

Business space wall wraps

Wall graphics are an excellent way to transform the appearance of your business space. Whether it’s an office, restaurant or retail store. Smooth indoor surfaces are canvases that present ideal opportunities to be creative. You can extend, strengthen and showcase branding, Or you can install creative, artistic, inspirational designs.

And when surfaces and fixtures need an update, you can use finishes with sleek metal, sophisticated marble or luxurious wood designs.

Wraps can be installed in a short period of time. With less downtime, less labor and less cost than painting.  They will instantly add a wave of new energy to any space.

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Custom wall murals improve the look and feel​. which mood are you into ?

Do you love PINK GIRLY LOOK CANDY or...

or are into vacation mood ?

Whatever you have in mind...
...we create it for you

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