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What type of wrapping vinyl is best ?

News, tips September 28, 2021By peter Van Tilborg

There are many types of vinyl wraps. And many vinyl brands.

To decide which type of vinyl wrapping is best for you, there are several choices to be made.



There are two different categories of wrap films: calendared and cast

Calendared vinyl is thicker than cast and usually contains a direct tack which is more difficult to re-position.

Cast vinyl is highly conformable and easily re-positionable.



The most sold vinyls at 2wrap are Matte, Gloss and Satin. Besides, there are several other types.



Gloss vinyl wraps closely mimic real car paint.



Matte wraps are the most popular choice at 2wrap.

A matte wrap emphasizes a flatter overall look. This will accentuate the contours and body lines of your car.  Showing a strong and athletic posture



Metallic vinyl wraps have metallic flakes in it to better mimic some factory car finishes. Depending on the color you pick, the sparkle bits can be larger and more eye catching as it reflects more light



You can think of satin wraps as the perfect middle ground between matte and gloss finishes. This type of wrap is chosen for a matte finish with a subtle gloss/shine.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber wraps mimic the look at a fraction of the price.



Brushed vinyl materials offer the machine look of real steel parts. This material is often used to offer a contrast.



Diamond wraps have exceptionally large flakes of metallic in them. In sunlight, this material sparkles like a diamond.



Pearl has tiny flecks of iridescent in the material to give it a glowing, shifting, colorful quality.


Color flow

Color flow wraps offer color-shifting hues depending on which angle you look at the vinyl.



Chrome vinyl wraps are an almost mirror-like finish. Once applied, it reflects everything when driving.



The main premium brands for vinyl wraps are:

3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal, KPMF,…

The most sold brands worldwide are 3M and Avery Dennison.

In general, they all offer the same premium qualities. They do have small differences such as extra durability, available colors per brand, easy-to-apply adhesive tech and much more. These qualities are important and to be chosen by the installer before each unique project.


2wrap vinyls

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