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  • 62″ printers Environment friemdly GREEN printer
  • 62″ Laminators to get your prints extra protected against scratches and UV
  • 62″ cutter to get precision work done



Belgium is known for the diamond capital of the world: Antwerp.
It is also the producer of the most exquisite chocolates.
And it offers the world’s largest variety of independently brewed craft beers

This unique place is where we, Peter von Tilborg and his wife Diana Delgouffe, were born and raised.

In Belgium, we started a very successful wrapping company: Together with our business partner Robert Coolen, the Belgian location stays a huge success

The companies headquarter is located in Turnhout, a city in the Flemish province, known as city of graphic design. Nearby the European Union headquarters in Brussels.


With a shared passion for creativity in 2011 we started The only company in Belgium to solely focus on wrapping.

Peter, an award-winning graphic designer, and owner of one of the leading advertisements companies in Belgium.
Diana, a passionate self-made executive woman.

It quickly became successful. And ever since we have wrapped amazing projects for customers worldwide. The most exclusive cars, one of the largest private yachts ever build, and we even wrapped satellites.

Belgium acts as the center of
In recent years we have expanded our company to the USA, the Netherlands, and more is to follow.

We have been able to build trusted, respectful, long-term partnerships with the most wealthy and famous individuals in the world.

Our wrapping is top-notch quality. We work to bedazzle our clients with unique creative sparkles & ideas. We conduct an eco-friendly, exclusive, and superior application process. All combined with the most passionate customer service,

We create exclusivity with passion.

People love our work :

> 23 Google reviews 4.7
peter Van Tilborg

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review : Wim Van Balen

2wrap recently showed their professionalism extremely well. My car was perfectly wrapped (full body wrap) so very happy… After some time I saw the wrap change from glossy to mat… Unhappy and with the idea I didn’t wash the car well, I returned to 2wrap for advice. It appeared the supplier provided a bad wraproll. Without hesitation, 2wrap offered me a rewrap of the whole car at light speed (only needed to mis my car for 1 weekend)… Great wrap, great job well done, extreme service!!! Highly adviced! Very happy