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Trendy Car Wrap Colors for 2021

News, tips September 24, 2021By peter Van Tilborg

Color selection for your car is an important decision. For a car wrap, it is probably the first and most important decision car owners make.

We advise to always buy a car in black. This will allow you to install any unique color wrap you desire. And it will make sure as soon as you remove the wrap, you can sell your car very fast.

To chose certain colors, people have special reasons. And we have noticed several trends in 2021.


The meaning of colors

Colors have different meanings. In deciding your perfect color, it is valuable to know what the effect of a color will be.

Black is the number one color for luxury. It shows you are in-control, sophisticated, elegant and classic.

White is a neutral color. It makes you appear young and fresh.

Gray is the perfect balance between black and white.  It shows maturity and dignity.

Red exudes passion, excitement and aggression.

Blue is by far the most popular color in the world.  It shows you are serious and trustworthy.

Yellow demonstrates friendliness and accessibility. Yellow stands for youthful energy.

Brown is the color for serious, rough and masculine.

To appear modern and hip, purple is the way to go.

People associate the color green with nature, the earth and the environment.

And orange is warm, playful and energetic.


Most wanted colors

At 2wrap, we monitor developing trends closely. In 2021 more and more people chose unique colors.

As we have seen, eccentric and exclusive colors are becoming popular. From sparkling orange to flashing red and pink with pearls.

People realize a car wrap is a beautiful luxury product. It is not permanent, but temporary. So you can easily take a more risky color to stand out from the crowd.

And as soon as you want it is quickly replaced

At 2wrap, our most sold colors are the sportive wraps black, matte and satin. With matte as the most desired of all for decades.

Black is classy yet trendy, elegant and sleek. It holds a universal appeal for those who enjoy standing out by using understated aesthetics.

The matte car wrap with shades of pastels, grays and black is the most popular choice.

by using a level of gloss and shine that is a mix between metallic and matte, a satin finish can deliver a dual-shade look.

Satin car wraps offer a lower level of reflection while still maintaining a bit of glossy finish to them. This allows your car to shine both in sunny daylight as in the dark under the streetlights at night.

At 2wrap, we offer an incredible collection of colors. Check our color palette here. And with our special software, you can even see what it will look like on your vehicle before it is installed. So you can make the perfect decision.




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