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Fendi interior Beverly Hills

used materials: 3m---gloss-light-ivory

Remodeling interior Fendi – Versace boutique

Install location

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Description: project Type : Furniture

Gloss Light Ivory

Wrapping Full interior without closing the boutique.

We are excited to share the success story of a recent partnership with renowned luxury labels Versace and Fendi, as they remodeled their boutiques on Beverly Hills’ upscale Rodeo Drive. As a prestigious service provider, we take great satisfaction in our ability to produce outstanding outcomes that capture the elegance and sophistication associated with these well-known luxury brands.

A Timeless Makeover:

To start, we took down the old dark brown racks to create a blank canvas for a new, contemporary design. Fendi made the brilliant decision to cover the shelves with a gorgeous beige glossy vinyl that looked like high gloss paint. This decision gave the room new vitality and a hint of grandeur that went well with the sophistication linked with Versace and Fendi.

Custom Printed Metallic Walls:

One of this project’s most notable aspects was the metamorphosis of the matte rose metallic walls. Fendi partnered with to custom print these walls to achieve a seamless mix with the existing interior features. Consequently, the matte rose metallic theme was seamlessly incorporated, improving the boutique’s overall visual appeal.  Our attention to detail is demonstrated by the bespoke prints’ flawless match to the existing interior pieces, which was made possible by the accuracy and caliber of our work.

Discreet After-Hours Transformation:

We completed the refurbishment after the boutique’s usual operating hours because we recognized how important it was to maintain business continuity. This calculated move allowed us to finish the project with the least amount of disturbance to the boutique’s regular operations. The outcome? An exquisitely redesigned area that was prepared to receive customers the following day.

Client pleasure:

Our clients’ pleasure is the ultimate gauge of our success. We are happy to inform that the client valued our willingness to work outside of regular business hours in addition to being happy with the finished product. Our ability to provide outstanding outcomes and maintain the boutique’s operation during the day demonstrated our commitment to professionalism and excellent customer service.

In conclusion, our partnership with Versace and Fendi on Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills is evidence of our capacity to create settings that are ultra-luxurious and sophisticated. This project’s success serves as further evidence of our dedication to quality and creativity in all facets of our work. We are excited to continue our mission of altering environments and giving our prestigious clientele experiences they won’t soon forget.

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